Saturday, November 30, 2013

I want to be your guinea pig

Yes, you read that correctly. I want to be your guinea pig - oink - or whatever they say.

I was in the shower just now thinking what I can do that would be fun this year. Not that I need more things to do, but something that would be maybe challenging, fun, but also help others out as well. So I came up with being your own personal guinea pig. I know, how does that sound fun? Well, you help me, I help you.

The part where I help you:  Has there ever been something that you wanted to try, but just couldn't bring yourself to try it. Maybe you wanted to know if something was worth the money, or if something really worked. Maybe you have something your trying to sell and want to promote it to a wider audience. Well, that is where I come in. Let me try it for you. If you have something you want promoted, well send me whatever it is and I will give my full review and promote it here. I know I only have 2 followers right now, but I do have many FB followers and I will also promote it to the 300+ FB friends that I do have personally.

The part where it helps me:  And what do I want in return you ask? Well, I just want you to like me. Like my FB page and also follow me on my blog itself. That is all I ask in return. I want to broaden my "blog people". So, this is a win win situation. You "follow" me and I will try out whatever you want. So, if your a stay at home mom that is trying to sell her homemade soap, well send me your soap and I will get the information out to everyone I know. If you are trying to sell something way in California but want to broaden your clientele here on the east coast, this is a perfect way to do it (and free). If your an inspiring singing and want an honest review on your music, I will give it and also help promote it.

Again, anything goes, well within reason of course. Another example that I thought about was the no-poo shampoo (I was washing my hair when I thought of this). Maybe it was something you wanted to try but just didn't know if it was something you really wanted to explore. Well then, let me be your guinea pig.

Of course, this is only my opinion. But I promise to give my an honest opinion on whatever it is. I may regret this, but right now it sounds fun and I am so interested to know what you will come up with.

So, let me be your guinea pig. Just let me know what I can test out for you, and you just like/follow my blog.

Ok everyone, what can I test for you - GO!!!!

Peace out YO!!!!

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