Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Very Good Intentions

Just to update all my very interested followers out there - after a 9 day course of Prednisone, my infection with poison ivy started to return. I luckily did not waste any time to return to the doctor - my primary doctor this time (not the walk-in) and she informed that 9 days was WAY to short of a course and put me on another 15 days of it. After 10 days, the new eruption has finally cleared. I, of course, got infected in places I was not infected in the first place - like my face, shoulders, back. I literally looked like I broke out in acne all over my face and upper arms. Perfect for the summer. It goes along very well with all the scars on my legs and arms from the first outbreak. But hey, I am not out to impress anyone, so what do I care.

My new doggy doo - Stella - is a lovey. What a joy. She, however, has one major issue that I am going to have to nip in the bud. She likes to go after my cats. And when she goes after my cats, the other 2 dogs follow suit. My daughter came home one night to find the cat on the floor - dead. Well, we thought she was dead. Luckily she was not. The dogs were a little scratched up and she was just in shock and all wet from slobber. Poor thing.

I have officially been approved to homeschool my children. WHAT? That is the response from my so supportive family. I don't even think my husband really stands behind this situation. I get the - "well, that is good for you dear" - you know the one you get from your non-Christian family and friends about your faith. It is good for you, but.... (stay the HELL away from me with that one).

Usually this will turn me away from it and really get me to doubt myself. But, for some reason, I have had no hesitation, no regrets (yet), no doubts. I mean I doubt how well I can do, how my kids are going to respond to me "teaching" them, but I really feel good about this decision. I don't know how we are going to do it financially as my work load will have to decrease, but I am going to leave this in God's hands. I am going to try to document how this year goes and to maybe put some first time homeschoolers at ease - or make them run in the other direction.

There are so many resources out there it is both comforting and mind-boggling. I have spent hours on the Internet and reading books. You can be as involved as you want, or not really involved at all (in which I think defeats the purpose of homeschooling). I will soon make a list of the curriculum I am using - as this was my biggest issue. How do you know what to teach your kids, what not to teach them, when, how, etc. Just to let you know, there is no one way - right or wrong for that matter. I kind of choose what looked interesting to me and what I could find on Ebay and through the local homeschooling sale. I may use it all, or may not use any of it. But I have it, and so far I only spent $200 - for 2 kids. You can buy curriculum for as little as zero to over $1000 a child. I guess if you got the money, that is the way to go. I think a structured curriculum for me is the way to go first as I am new at this and not really good at winging things. I will take it from there.

Again, I am going to keep a log of what is done, how things go. I am trying right now to not think too much about it as I was becoming a little obsessed about the whole thing - keeping me up at nights, etc. Since I have most books I will need for the most part, I am going to put it to rest until the end of August in which I will then start to plan my daily activities and routines.

For anyone else out there in this wonderful heat wave, here in RI it has been hotter than Florida. We had a pool given to use that was suppose to go up last week - beginning of the heat wave. Unfortunately, the construction company installing it got behind because of rain (I don't remember any rain, except for a couple of night time rain showers) which put them behind a week and a half. I really don't think you work at night people - I am not that stupid. Anyway I am looking forward to this Friday to have the pool put in. I may have to set up shop outside so I can watch the kiddos while I work. Gotta love laptops.

So good July everyone. Stay cool. Laugh a lot. Love a lot. Pray lots. Look at the good and not at the bad. SMILE.

Peace out peeps.

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