Friday, June 28, 2013

Just a little funny

I am a little happy and a little sad (or maybe the better word is annoyed).

I am happy because school is over and I love spending time with my children. I am also happy that my daughter who had to move in with her father is now home for the summer. :) I needed my baby back with me (not really a baby - 17), but she will always be my baby and I need her here with me.

I am a little annoyed, however, for the same reasons, that my children are out of school and my 17 year old is back home. When did children start to think that their parents were their source of entertainment? I mean I love them, and I plan outings to the beach and aquarium, etc. to keep them somewhat occupied for the summer, but why do they expect me to entertain them all during the day. I actually feel bad that I don't. How did that happen? I guess society happened, the "we need to bow down to our kids" thinking of society today. Well, I am choosing to live the "old fashion" way. Entertain yourselves. I am sure between the big yard we have, the multiple movies, video games, legos, and the enormous room full of toys that you had to have can entertain you some how.

Now that I vented about my summer, and we are only 2 days into our summer vacation, I will share some of my funny stories this week.

First, my daughter Sam was heading downstairs to do laundry. I had a load of towels that I washed with extra hot water to get the stink that develops in them out and was going to hang them on my line - as I love air dried towels. Almost better than sex - not really but when your not getting any, it is. Damn medications my husband has to take - too much information - okay, I won't go there any further. Anyway, I told her to put them in the basket and bring them up so I can put them outside. She, however, as most teenagers do, was not really listening and brought me up a basket of chickens instead. :) Really? I never laughed so hard. What got me was why would she assume I said bring me up a basket of chickens? It really isn't all that weird in that we do have 6 chickens in their brooder downstairs, but she should have known that they are clearly not big enough to be put outside right now. DUH!!!

The other funny - well really it isn't funny. But for my entire 42 years of life, I have never, and I mean NEVER, caught poison ivy. I would roll in it just to prove that fact. I do know that at any point your body can change and you can become allergic to things like poison ivy, bee stings, etc. but until I actually got it, I wouldn't think differently. I have an older lady I take care of and because she remembers absolutely everything you tell her, remembered that I had said I was not allergic to it and she had a garden full of poison ivy and thought who better to call than me. So I of course said yes, but cautiously brought my gloves just to be safe. I thought this was good thinking on my part, but I failed to realize that I was wearing flip flops so really, I am not all that bright.

Two days later and no poison ivy. Just what I thought, but kind of relieved. That day I had a bible study in which we sat outside near her pond so the kids could go swimming and lets just say the mosquitoes were out full force. That night I started itching and developing welts, which I told others and myself that it was nothing more than mosquito bites. HAHAHAHA - that is what God is saying. Just when you think something to be true - nope. I am now covered in oozy type blisters all over my body, from head to toe, even my belly. I guess I shouldn't get to cocky about things when it comes to thinking I know how my body works, because things like that seem to turn themselves around and kick you big time in the butt. So here I sit not at all pretty with contagious pus filled blisters all over me.

It doesn't look that bad, but you get the picture. It might start looking like that in a couple of days. I am trying so hard not to scratch it.

I can now assume that I am allergic to poison ivy. I have learned my lesson. I will not venture out in a garden full of poison ivy for anyone any more. I will however spray it for them, from a distance.

Enjoy your summer people - with your kids. :) I just hope I have hair left on my head by September. and the kicker - I want to homeschool. I may need to rethink that.

Peace out peeps

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