Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I live a skunks life

As I sit here this morning writing this post, I have the faint burned tired smell of a semi-fresh skunk smell waifing in the air around me, and it gets me thinking.

I live a skunk's life. I look so pretty on the outside, well that of course is in the eye of the beholder, but I don't think I am too shabby looking (definitely not a Jennifer Aniston). I am actually pretty sweet on the inside as well (again a matter of opinion). I am nice, I say hello to strangers, I try to do good for the common welfare of other people. But really people, don't mess with me. That is all I am saying. I will squirt my ugly smelly butt at you so fast it will make your head spin. Especially if you think you want to mess with my little smelly kids (they really only smell on Tuesday and Saturdays before they have their bath). So yes, I can compare myself with a skunk. Not the best creature to compare myself to, but I guess it is better than a ..... ummmmm...... donkey or one of those monkeys that pick at other monkey's butts. Yes, I am a skunk.

Well with that said, I am sure your wondering how I have the wonderful skunk smell filling the air around my head. You see, my 4 year old boxer/mix (the same kind as my new doggie but brown) had to go in and have surgery - a tumor removal. I no sooner picked him up from the vet's office, got him home, and put him out back as I thought he may need to relieve himself. Upon him reentering the house, I get this enormous smell of burnt tire. Oh my gosh. I have smelled a skunk before, but never this close and personal.

So what do we do now. I mean he just had surgery, he has a big huge gash on his side with many stitches. I have to do something - anything. A bath. And, as we are wondering what to do, my husband is telling me it is not good to get his cut wet, buy I kindly remind him of the stench that is permeating through the air, and since the dog sleeps right next to me in our room, I think I need to bathe the dog.

So I bath the dog down as best I could with some tomato juice and then doggy shampoo, trying not to get it in his cut, or in his eyes, but the dumb dog got sprayed right in the face, and I read that they can go blind for up to 2 days if you don't get it out, so I had to wash his handsome little smell face.

Outcome:  He still stinks. He really needs a good bath, but I just don't think I can do a good job right now with stitches in and not compromise them at all. So I can't hug my big bear of a dog and I just wave to him from afar, which is killing me (and I am sure him as I don't think he realizes that he smells). 10 days people. I do hear that it is hard to get the smell out if you don't get it out right away, well I will be determined, in 10 days, to get the smell out. And I won't stop until I do.

Here is a picture of my stinky dog with stitches

Digger with stitches - and smelling really bad
property of Carrie Vallee

I think he knows he smells. Look at that face. He is saying, I am sorry mommy that I smell so bad. 

Of note, the vet put a cone on his head, and I spent $15 for it. Look at the position of the incision, look at his mouth. He cannot reach the darn thing with his mouth. He can with his back legs in which he already took out 3 stitches from scratching it, and the cone wouldn't have done anything to prevent that. Just more of my money wasted. I wish I got a picture of that, it was huge. They need a cone for his behind, do they have one of those. I can make one, patent it, and become a millionaire. Don't steal my idea. 

Peace out

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