Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Great Gatsby

As well as watching a lot of movies where I enjoy watching people live a life that I wish I could have, or a life that makes mine look better, I love to read. This is kind of a funny statement as many years ago growing up I hated to read. I always get jealous when I hear parents tell me about how much their kids love to read. Really? Who likes to read when your young. Well maybe because most of the reading I did was for school and I HAD to read it, and sometimes out loud to the class, which almost always resulted in an anxiety attack. So this did not put a good taste in my mouth for reading. I think it also could have been related to the fact that my parents were not one to read to me before bedtime and never thought of this as an enjoyable activity.

I have since learned to love to read, so much so that I actually take time out of my busy schedule to read for a while. It still takes me a very long time to read a book, but I do try to read it to the end before I forget the beginning. 

Recently my 17-year-old daughter had to read a book for school and write a report on it. I had asked which book it was in which she responded The Great Gatsby. I noticed that the book was not too long and could read it in a timely fashion since she needed it for school on Monday. So this would give me 2 days to read it. It was a nice weekend with not too much planned so I figured I could finish it. I have also wanted to get around to reading some of "the classics", so this definitely was doable. Unfortunately, I did not finish it within 2 days so I ended up buying it for my Kindle (it was only $4.99). I had to know what happen to Mr. Gatsby.

File:Gatsby 1925 jacket.gif

The author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, really knows how to use his adjectives, and used them he did. I definitely got a visual on whatever he tended to talk about. But other than that, the story itself - sucked. How is this book considered a classic?

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it. But I don't think high school kids should be reading about a man's obsession that took over his life and eventually ended in his death as well as adultery,  hit and run, and murder.

I would recommend - as it is considered a classic - and the use of adjectives are extraordinarily indescribable. But don't get your hopes up for a happy ending.

DISCLAIMER:  Just remember please - that this is only my point of view. I am no way shape or form liable for any suffering you may cause based on this book's review. Thank you for your understanding.

Peace out.


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