Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Parental Guidance

I usually give movie reviews on Facebook and someone said that I should have a movie review blog. I thought what a good idea - how come I didn't think of that myself. My head isn't on too tight most of the time. Anyway, here I am. I watch a lot of movies. I am not a fan of TV all that much. I have a few shows I watch but I usually On Demand them through cable and watch while I run on the treadmill. And actually I don't watch them during the week specifically for this reason.

Now mind you, this is only my view on the movie, so keep that in mind. I am not Siskel and Ebert - but being a fan of movies, I like to think I have some experience on the subject.

We were going to watch the movie about the tsunami which I think would have been a better dollar spent, but Jake, my son, wanted to watch Parental Guidance. This was based on a preview he had seen with the little kid hitting the grandpa in the you know what which he thought was hilarious. So Parental Guidance it was.

Review:  ** (2 stars - out of 5)

Cons:  I was expecting a lot more funniness out of Bette Midler and Billy Crystal. Really who could go wrong with having those two in a movie? Apparently it can happen. It was more to do with family drama, parent/child relationship, sappy, boo hoo. You know the one, where the child cannot get over what the parents did when she was growing up, who thinks the grandparents cannot possibly take care of her kids without them needing extensive psychotherapy afterwards. Like that could happen in a couple of days. The mom was doing a great job of that herself, she doesn't need her parents to do it for her.

Pros:  Yes there are pros. It was a good, wholesome, family kind of movie. No sex, drugs, rock and roll. No swearing either (from what I can remember). Rated PG. There were a few funny aspects, but all of those parts you can watch in the TV preview/ad. But definitely a movie you can sit down with your whole family and eat popcorn with. I  did, however, cry at one point, but this remark probably should have gone in the con section.

Sum up:  I did not watch the movie to cry. It was suppose to be a comedy. I wanted to laugh hysterically, but that just did not happen. At one point I found myself laughing just because I thought I should be. I just wish I knew what I was getting myself into. So don't get your hopes up and you should be fine and will probably enjoy the movie.

Good watching.

Over and out


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