Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm a HORRIBLE Person

Welcome to my world.

Ever since I have become a Christian, I find it very hard to try and talk to people who are not Christians about the way I live. They find my way of living, which I find to be one of moral standing, is absurd and unheard-of and unearthly, and just downright stupid. I have spent most of my life believing in God, but not living FOR God. And I find living for God is a much better place to be the living without God. And again trying to explain this to somebody who is not of a Christian background or belief system, is futile.

So as I awoke this morning, I found myself in a very unwanted, anxiety ridden, and unpleasant situation. First let me say, I hate confrontation. And this is where I found myself as I woke this morning.

To give you a little background, my stepson, age 26, had just moved back into our house after many years of being away. He was previously living with his girlfriend of many years in a house that they rented. He come to us about a month ago and said that she wanted "her space" and that he needed a place to stay for a month or two. We were told at that time that they had broken up. So we of course, as loving parents would, agreed to let him stay here. However, come to find out, they did not break up. I could go into this further, but that would be a whole post in itself. Let me just say I think she is a little sneaky and up to something, I just haven't figured out what it is yet.

So anyway, I awoke this morning to find that she had slept over, AGAIN. She has slept over before, and I have wanted to talk to her and my stepson many times, but again, let me point out, I do not like confrontation, so I let it slide. The problem I am having is that they are not married.

I probably would not say anything, as how they live is their problem, but I do have 2 small children who I am trying to raise in a Christian home. My thought is that when they grow up and have a boyfriend/girlfriend and want to move in with them and I happen to say no, not a good decision as you are not married, I do not want them to come back saying hey, my brother did it and it was okay with you then, so why is it not okay for me now. I fully believe that in trying to raise my children in a Christian home it is essential to live by certain standards and beliefs, and I believe that one should not live with, and also not to do the nasty with, someone with whom you are not married to. I think this is why there are so many divorced people in this world, and a great downfall of our society.

So, needless to say, I felt it was my duty as a mother of 2 small children, and as a Christian, to confront my stepson and his girlfriend. I tried to do it in a very nice, friendly kind of way and explained to them the reason why. Let me just say I do not think it went over very well. Obviously, she did not understand why or what I was saying. I am sure she took it the wrong way. I did, however, text her afterwards and explained my point again and nicely asked that even though she might not agree with my decision that she at least respect my wishes.

So I got that off my chest. I just hope that my husband backs me up on this as I have not discussed this with him beforehand. I probably should have talked to him and prayed about it first, but I felt I handled it well in a nice, nonattacky kind of way. Only time will tell, but I have a feeling I will find her here again. I do, however, know exactly what I am going to say to her if and when she does.

Wish me luck. Kind of me does feel like a horrible person. But I have to look out for my children. Monkey see monkey do.

God Bless - Carrie

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