Friday, May 17, 2013

I am not FUNNY

No I am not. I try to be. But I am not. I actually think I am more of a morbid person. I take everything way, way too seriously. I HATE THAT!!!

I have a few blogs that I follow. I am deciding whether to share, but I am afraid you may not return as they are just too funny. Actually, one is extremely off the wall funny, the other I like to read because he is sort of down to earth, with a little bit of humor in it. Truthfully I am writing this as if someone is actually reading it. Maybe when I am dead someone might come across this and say - oh, I never knew. I don't, however, advertise my blog to people I know because for the sad reason that I am not funny. So, if you reading this, I am sorry for your loss. (was that funny?)

Maybe I am so seriously unfunny because I do hospice reports all day. It is not too fun to have to listen to reports of dying people and how their years of smoking or drinking have totally messed them up, or how a young 30 some year old is dying of cancer and how distraught his family is.

I truly do not try to get all caught up in the mess of these people lives, as for one I don't really know them. I guess it is all in how you look at it.

So my new goal for this year is to loosen up, have fun, and f... it. I really don't think we were meant to take this life too seriously. Do good, laugh, smile, have fun, and love on one another (not in a gross, slobbery way).

Anyway, I will try to be someone funny and entertaining, but don't get your hopes up. I think I may just stick to movie and book reviews as they are more straightforward.

Oh, I guess I will share that totally hilarious blog with you:  But don't go crazy now. Maybe I should get something for advertising for this lady. I think she will need to send me one of her taxidermy mouses or something. (you will understand when you read through her blog)

Over and out and please, someone Like me!!!! I really am not that desperate, but maybe I can win someone over by pity :)


  1. I would LOVE to "like" you but I can't find a like button.

    Also ty for the link to thebloggess :) I have a niece who used to be fascinated by taxidermy -- our own Norma Bates.

    Anyway, LIKING your blog!!!

    While I hate the inverse of an eye-for-an-eye -- tit for tat -- I will share w/you that... I probably AM funny sorta -- so below is my link. Best wishes, Carrie -- and the post about the love/hate relationship w/your husband is pretty hilarious and ... adorable. At once. :)

  2. Carolyn, thank you so much. I guess maybe I was referring to following me. I couldn't find a like button. So Yes. I would be thrilled if you wanted to FOLLOW me and I to will do the same and thank you for inviting me to check you out. (woo hoo your hot)


  3. Ah HA! Follow ... okay I can follow you! btw, thebloggess is amazing -- and SO big I actually am unable to find a way to follow her. Darcy Purdue, an ad on bloggess, also HUGE fun. Have to register to ... follow her. :) I'm going to play with your follow up above then head off to buy organic produce ... and find outfits for the weekend. I'm having lunch with Warren Buffett on Monday. I totally shit you not. And did you really say I was hot!? Yee HA! ty ty ty

  4. you know, I see that you live in MA. I am just around the corner in RI. I could join you for that lunch :)

    I am so excited to have a follower. I think you deserve a prize. I need to come up with something. Maybe I can get Paris man to give you that so beautiful candleholder thingumajig his date made.

    Have fun shopping. I am actually heading to MA for a lady's retreat. such a small world

  5. You COULD join me for lunch with Warren, except I'm flying to Omaha to lunch him; but RI is def a stone's throw. I have a friend or two in RI so, there you have it! We could form a cult in coming days or weeks. I just have to return from Omaha Tuesday.

    BTW I could not be more pleased to be your single devoted follower. It's such a special honor and status -- while I DO hope you are followed by the masses and get your own TV show like The Following ... with that guy ... in that series ... I can't help feeling frissons of excited 'special' that I ... am The One. SO Matrix. And I have not EVEN shopped yet. Distracted by an email from -- get this -- a RI friend noting her twitter feed informed her that Michelle Obama ditched her bangs. I have been toying with the notion of blogging about this, so organic produce is not mine. Yet.