Thursday, September 27, 2012

Welcome My Unglued Friends

Today is blog hop day over at Melissa Taylor's online bible study for Lysa terKeurst's new book, Unglued

check it out

To say the least, I think this book was written for me, and I am sure so many other women out there can really relate.

I never thought it was normal to be cool and collected one minute, and the next totally lose it. I lose count EVERY DAY how many times I become unglued, either with the kids, or the husband. It is funny, however, how well I can hold it together with others, but when it comes to family - I am like a time bomb.

I am such a Freak-Out Woman when it comes to the kids, and I do have to say that I am glad for do-overs. I know from reading this book that this is not what defines me. I can have a do-over, and another, and another. WOW. How great is that. I have become very good at apologizing. I love the words, "I'm sorry". I get to teach my kids that when things go totally wrong, that it's okay, you can apologizing and move on. A Do-Over. That the raw emotions are not what defines us. And, I hope over time they will see that even though we make mistakes, we can move on, and grow from it.

My little tirades have become fewer and fewer, but I still mess up. I am glad to know that God still loves me and that forgives me.

I am so excited to get deeper into this book. Only God knows what changes He will make in me through this, but I fully put all my trust in Him to do a good work in me.

Thank you Melissa and Lysa for allowing me to be part of this wonderful bible study.

Grace and Peace to you


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