Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I wonder how it can be that one minute we can be so in love with somebody, and then the next cannot stand to even look at them. Is this normal?

I realize that I have this love/hate relationship with my husband. At times, it is like this. I can gaze into his eyes forever and never get bored, never feel lonely.

But then, this happens

I just feel like how on earth could I have ever married this fool. (He really isn't a fool - maybe just a fool in the fact that he married me - such a "Freak-out woman")

I just wish there was some even ground in there somewhere. Maybe this is what it means to be unglued. My emotions can flip flop so easily. Is it that we are just so conditional in our love?

I pray that God gives me the strength to love my husband even in times when he doesn't deserve it - and my kids for that matter.

So, I am reaching out to all those other "Freak-out woman" and those woman who become "unglued". I can tell you that there is hope.

I am reading this book Unglued, by LysaTerKeurst. I am hoping and praying that I can find that even ground with my emotions and already after reading only 2 chapters, I finally feel that there is hope for me yet and I know that there can be that for you too.

So check it out. Tomorrow is blog hop day for our small on-line FB group and to all of you - my prayers and love go out to you. To anyone else, your not alone.

Grace and Peace to all


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