Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More Free copy work, Worksheets, and One Great Book

I love the internet, and I love finding great deals to use while schooling, and I love good deals, especially on books. I have downloaded so many free books and some "cheap" books that I think I have enough to last my lifetime. But I had to download this one, as this one will be a good one to read to my kids during our bible time in the morning (or if in the middle of the day they have some of those questions). I just hate saying, well honey, I don't know. I am excited on this one and will incorporate it into my bible time today. I will let you know how it goes.

Jake did the C.S. Lewis Copywork. I don't think he fully understood them, but he got the copy part down pat.

I haven't used the Bible Worksheets yet, but we are only in Genesis. But actually, that might be a good time to start. Ok then, I just talked myself into it :)

Free C.S. Lewis Copywork

Free Bible Worksheets

And here is one more book. This sounds very interesting. I would love to know some of these answers: 
Did Adam have a belly button? and so much more. Only for $2.51 at Amazon. 

From Amazon:
Among the greatest topics of conversation – and obstacles for spiritual seekers – are those “hard-to-answer” questions relating to the Bible. Things like:*Where did Cain get his wife?*
*How did Noah fit all the animals into the ark?*
*Why can’t the Bible and evolution agree?*
*Where was the Garden of Eden?*
*Do women have one more rib than men?*

And yes, if Adam and Eve really existed as Genesis tells us, and they had no parents…did they have bellybuttons?

Actually, it’s a good question, and one that deserves discussion, for people all over the world today are searching for the answers to life’s questions. We wonder about our origins, purpose, and destiny.Now, thanks to the efforts of Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis, over 100 questions people have about the Bible have been answered in this book. The brief-but-insightful questions are followed on each page by a concise answer taken straight from a plain reading of the Bible. This unique format make the perfect gift for a friend grappling with questions we assumed didn’t have answers!

Have a blessed day everyone. Peace Out Yo**

**And just so people know, I got this from Breaking Bad Yo. I would have used B…., but I didn't think that one would be appropriate, so Yo it is - and for the ones who have not seen that show - OH MY GOSH!!!! YO - love it.  I am in the fifth season after just 3 months, so go watch it B….. - oops, I mean Yo 

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