Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Well I don't have a lot of time on my hands, but these were some things I wanted to share with you. Some pertaining to homeschooling and some not.

1.  I found this website. I love this idea for your first grader. I might have shared this with you my last post, but I don't remember, if so, here it is again. Little mini-office printables. Love it

2.  Math aids. I was looking for a number line for my daughter and this is what I came across. So much more to it than just number lines.

3.  Free Book from Amazon - Kindle edition - Women Under Stress - Who isn't under stress

4.   More Math Stuff:  Fun Math Games For School Or Homeschool Education - Printable Board Games, Card Games And Game Sheets For Children. Educational Games Ready For The Classroom Or Home. Makes Math Fun And Easy. Kids, Teachers And Parents All Love These Fun Math Games.

I hope some of this stuff is helpful. More to come. 

Over and out - or should I say - Peace Out Yo

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